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Everyone has an opinion.  Whatever works best for you is great.  Maybe we should start talking about Low Fat Diets next!!  Are they any better for you??  Low Fat diets increase amounts of Carbs in your diet which now requires more insulin to take.

It's a proven fact that the more insulin you take will cause weight gain.  The less insulin you take weight loss!!

> John R. Doyle [mailto:email @ redacted] wrote:

> I have been seeing alot of study showing that Diabetics that 
> eat a Low Carb Diet + exercise  is very good for them.
> Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution is a very good book to 
> purchase.

An interesting observation about Bernstein's book is that he uses research
by Garg, et al., as support for low carb diets and diabetes.  In fact the
work he cites is not at all about low carb, but about higher fats -
specifically mono and poly unsaturated fat.  To do the study, Garg and his
colleagues maintained a 2000 Kcal/day diet, increasing the amounts of fat
and keeping protein constant.  It doesn't take a lot of math to figure out
the carbs had to be lowered.  BUT . . . the amount of change wasn't that
great with carbs reduced to about 45% of the diet as opposed to 55%. IOW, it
was a lowER carb diet, but not low carb.  Further, the results showed little
impact of the carbs on glucose - in fact HbA1c was not measured, so there's
no real way to compare.  It did show improved cardiac conditions, but that's
attributable as much to the mono and poly unsaturated fat, not increased

The bottom line is that Garg, et al. does not support Bernstein's
conclusions and his use of the paper as support for his plan.

> The average person should not be eating anymore than 50 to 70 
> carbs a day.  If you eat anymore than that it stores it as 
> fat!!  Now you have a FAT BANK!!

Mr. Doyle, do you have any research citations to support this claim?  Note
that I do not mean popular literature in which one may say whatever one
wants, but papers published in journals that use peer review to make sure
the research is sound and that analysis is appropriate.  All of the popular
books, including Atkins, Bernstein, and the other so called diet books rely
almost entirely on testimonial, not research.

> There has been no study. Showing that Dr. Atkins Diet is bad for you.

Because Atkins' claims are almost completely contrary to guidelines of the
American Dietetic Association, the American Heart Association, the American
Diabetes Association, and many more, it seems incumbent on Dr. Atkins to
provide the research support.  In over thirty years, he has not done so.  He
has finally started supporting some independent research that is, I believe,
under way.  But he's never applied for any grants for research, something
that, were his ideas really well founded, most health scientists would
endeavor to obtain so that the hypotheses could be properly tested.

It *has* been demonstrated that low carb / high protein diets cause weight
loss because the calories per day is reduced, not because of the kind of
food being consumed.

Jim Handsfield
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