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[IP] Re:sugar raises on second and third day

Hi Jarek;

 I was having the same difficulties during the third day.  My son is 3 and
pumping since august 2001 using Humalog.   I read in this site about Novolog
as a choice of rapid insulin not causing the problems after 2 days of
insertion.  Well I gave it a try and we have been on Novolog for almost a
month now.  It has been great, sometimes (I do not advice to do this) we
have left the site for the 4th day without a problem.  It seems to be more
powerful during the first two hours compared to Humalog at least with my
son.    If you have make sure that all the other reasons for the site
failure (kinking of the cannula, bad insulin, etc) are not the cause then
Novolog would be worth a try.  Hope this helps.

Have anyone tried "sugar busters" type diet with children?

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