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RE: [IP] Wildly Swinging BG's and Emotions

No matter how much we try to live a normal life, we have to face the fact
that unless by some miracle, we can continuously have perfect b.g., we will
go through swings in our lives.

I know lots of times when I've gone through the lows crashing a good part of
the day, I'm so tired and that's when I get nasty.

I notice lots of mood changes and I don't always blame them on the b.g. but
deep down inside I know it is...my brother used to be the same way and he
got REALLY nasty!

But I can tell you that you can't just say I'm this way because my b.g. is
this or that.  You also have to take into consideration the type of day
you're having, whether it is more stressful than normal, how many things
went wrong for you in that day, etc. etc.

We are not just diabetics but we are humans as well and hey, we all have bad
days and go off, don't we?????

Hmmm, you didn't mention pms either!  There were and still are times I get
so bad, I don't even like myself!!!  :)

Hang in there and don't let it get to you.  If people don't like your mood
changes, tough!!!
Kathy B.
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