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Re: [IP] Proud and relieved

     BRAVO...not only for showing Lauren the way, but more importantly, for 
being brave enough to back off! LOL...Your actions demonstrate to Lauren your 
faith & trust in her abilities, all of which will hold her in good stead when 
she goes off to college in the not too distant future. Added to that, seeing 
a tangible A1C "reward" for her efforts also reinforces the value of 
conscientious self-monitoring.
     Melissa mentioned on line that her bg was 430 before bed last night, and 
that she bolused from her pump & was 107 this morning. I was concerned 
because she usually will use her pen when she's that high "just in case", so 
when I spoke to her later (she's in NYC in college), I casually asked "why". 
Her answer: a) well I knew my set was only a day old  b) I also knew I'd been 
nibbling while studying in the library & had most likely under-bolused and c) 
I knew I'd be up for several hours & could make certain the pump bolus was 
bringing me down before going to sleep.
     So color me equally "proud & relieved" that even without "pump mom" by 
her side, she's very capable of "trouble-shooting" in a logical way. What 
more could we ask for from our kids with diabetes?
Renee (Melissa's long-distance pump mom)
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