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Re: [IP] OT-kinda Lets stop viruses!!! Trick your address book!

Hi, Melissa.

> I got this from a friend and this is how my hubby set up my address
> book to help stop viruses! (And computers are his job!) Only my fake
> address is 1111virusalert. It can be anything as long as it is FIRST

For 99% of the viruses out there, this just won't work. The suggestion
borders on a hoax and was probably designed to fool people into
thinking that it would be effective so they'd be open to infection.

Here's where you can read more about this:




The reason this won't work is that a bad e-mail address only stops the
message that's bearing it at the (SMTP) server that's trying to send
it. Once a bad address is entered into the address book, Outlook and
Outlook Express will blithely send any messsage addressed to it. Most,
if not all, viruses send _individual_ messages, one to a contact,
rather than one single message to all contacts. This means that the
message addressed to "!0000" will be returned by the SMTP server but
all the other (infected) messages will go unfettered to their

As others have pointed out, half of a good defense against
e-mail-borne viruses is a frequently-updated anti-virus program. The
other half of the defense is the reflex NOT to open an attached file
from anyone, especially someone you know, UNLESS the file was
expected. If a family member sends me a file that I wasn't expecting,
I e-mail them back asking them to describe the nature of the file. I
save the file to disk, scan it with the anti-virus program, and open
the file only *after* they confirm it's harmless.

If anyone wants to discuss this subject further, please e-mail me

regards, Andy
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