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My doctor told me that he would personally kick my a** is he found me trying 
the Adkins Diet.  It is not a good diet for anyone to be on for the simple 
fact that the body uses carbohydrates for energy first, then fat, then 

With the Adkins Diet you are not even allowed to eat fruit.  YES it does have 
carbs in it and as I understand a 1/2 strawberry is 2 carbs.  Now I'm not 
sure how others like to eat their strawberris, but when I eat them I like to 
cut several of them up and put them on my Cornflakes or Cheerios and when I 
say several berries, I mean SEVERAL berries - like maybe 8-10 berries. I 
would not be able to function without my daily intake of fresh fruit!!!  I 
love granny smith apples and eat 2-3 of them daily.....

I highly doubt that ketones are safe for anyone, does that not mean that the 
body is vreaking down on protein, which leads to lean muscle breakdown?

Just my 2 cents worth, couldn't you modify the diet and include fruits and 
some carbs in to the diet?  Because once you go off the diet and start eating 
carbs again, you will gain the weight back just as quickly as it came off./

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