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[IP] Proud and relieved

Today is a very happy day.  Lauren and I just got back from the endo - her A1c
was 6.9!  Lauren is 15.5 yo and has been pumping for almost four years..  For
the first 3 years of pumping, we managed A1c's between 6.2 and 6.9, but, of
course, that was under my surveillance.  Lauren has been taking care of her
diabetes, with scarce monitoring for about the last nine months.  Her A1c
climbed to 7.3 then to 7.8.  But with renewed resolve, at 15.5 yo, ON HER OWN,
she got it back to 6.9!  She accepts the routine required and manages her pump
like it is second nature.  Numbers are not written down but there are few
highs and few lows.

I am such a firm believer that the pump should be introduced at a young age,
so a child eases into using it as a part of life so that by the time they want
the independence, it is like second nature..  Lauren's life is normal in most
every way and SHE GOT A 6.9!

I am so happy and so relieved.  Teen years can be such a challenge!

Diane Massey
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