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[IP] Atkins Diet question

I saw the infomercial for the Atkins Diet on TV last night.  Since it was 
mentioned on this list, I thought I would check it out.  I was a bit alarmed 
to see that the kit includes Ketosticks.  The info guy said that this diet 
puts your body into ketosis and that you want the ketostick to go all the way 
up to the darkest color in order to see that your body is burning the fat.  I 
knew that an earlier form of the protein diet was called the ketone diet.  
That was going around in the early 80s.  It has been almost twenty years 
since I attended a class on ketones and ketoacidosis.  I assume that ketosis 
is a bit different from ketoacidosis because of the sugar in the urine, but 
are ketones supposed to be a safe way to lose weight?  Some of you who have 
tried this diet successfully, are there not any health risks at all 
associated with passing ketones?

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