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Re: [IP] Boluses

> Okay, all you experts.  Want to tell me IN ENGLISH what square wave and
> wave boluses are.?

For a square wave bolus the insulin is delivered slowly at a constant rate
for an extended period of time. For a 6 unit square over 2 hours the insulin
is delivered at 0.05 units/minute for 102 minutes. The dual bolus is a
combination of a normal bolus with a square wave. You specify that a portion
of the bolus is delivered normally (imediately) and a portion is delivered
as a square way.

> Are there any other kind of "extended bolus" features on
> pumps and do all pumps have these features?

The different pumps have different names for the bolus but most of the new
ones can all achieve the same result.

>  Is there another feature I  should look for on bolusing?

Probably not.

>    The Paradigm advertises a "slow bolus" (1.5
> units per minute).  Is that something new or just another name for an
> extended bolus?

Nope. This is just MinimMeds normal delivey. Insulin is provided in 0.10
units spurts every 4 seconds.

> What the heck is an "audio" bolus?
"Audio bolus" is a feature where a fixed size bolus (my MM 508 is set for
0.5 units) is delivered with a minimum of key strokes. The amount to be
delivered is confirmed by an audio tone so you do not need to see the pump
to deliver and audio bolus. That way you can deliver an audio bolus by touch
or with a remote control.

> Does any one know what "bioPULSE Delivery" means; this is being advertised
> the Mini Med paradigm  pump.  It says "precise, accurate and controlled
> unit insulin pulses, equally effetive (clinically equivalent) to three
> basal delivery."

"BioPULSE" is marketing gobbly-gook for MiniMeds method of delivering a
bolus in 0.1unit spurts every 4 seconds. They call it "precise, accurate and
controlled" because the pump is design to deliver only 0.10 unit spurts
(never more or less). Therefore it is only necessary for the pump to deliver
the right number of spurts in order to be accurate and controlled.

> THANK YOU.  I tried to find the answers on-line and in Pumping Insulin,
> the answers are not thorough enough for me.  I am particularly interested
> because Gabe has a hyper fast reaction to Humalog (especially in the
> and unusually slow digestion (IMHO for protein and fat).  This makes for
> an hour after dinner and sometimes a gradual rise after the H finishes.
> Extended bolusing sounds great, but I don't really understand it.
> Thanks.
> Marion
> doesn't speak "techinologise".  English only, please.
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