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RE: [IP] Re: yeast infections

You are hearing from the ex queen of yeast infections.....

There was a time that I had a chronic yeast infection for 4 years of my life
and it was pure hell!  For anyone who has had one or two in their life,
living with it for that long was horrible...

I wound up taking pills orally, sucking on tablets, using creams and this
went on and on and on and my gyno told me unless I got my b.g. under some
sort of control I would always have this problem...

Thank God it got better as I got better control of b.g. and that was way
before pumping....

Also, if you are going to be on heavy duty antibiotics or any others besides
erythromyacin (sp?) that one doesn't seem to bother me..... and you are
prone to getting yeast infections from antibiotics, have the doctor
prescribe the pills that prevent the yeast infction to be taken
orally...works wonders!!!
Kathy B.
Yeast Free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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