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[IP] Weight Loss Surgery Appears To Improve Diabetes

I just read this article in an online newsletter that I get and thought it 
would interest some people.

"Weight Loss Surgery Appears To Improve Diabetes

A new type of surgery designed to help severely obese people lose weight 
appears to have the added benefit of improving diabetes or even sending it 
into remission, according to wire reports.

The procedure, called laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding (LAGB), 
involves placing an adjustable band around the upper stomach with minimally 
invasive surgery.

In one-year follow-ups of 50 individuals who had the surgery, 34 people, or 
64 percent, had experienced remission of their diabetes.

In addition, 27 of 34 patients who'd had high blood pressure prior to the 
procedure showed improvements in their follow-ups.

Unlike gastric bypass or weight loss surgeries, LAGB is reversible, but 
researchers caution that 10 of the 50 patients required surgery to repair 
bands that had slipped.

The study appears in the February issue of Diabetes Care".

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