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Re: [IP] Questions

On 29 Jan 2002 at 21:20, email @ redacted wrote:

> email @ redacted writes:
> << I am learning that some pumps can be "disconnected" at the site and 
>  some further up on the tubing.  Is that correct?  Is that about the pump or the
>  infusion set?   Does everyone "disconnect" in a pool or shower?  Or are
>  some pumps able to keep operating in water.
>   >>
> It's the infusion set that disconnects (and, therefore, the pump). Some have
> the disconnection point at skin level: others a couple of inches away from the
> skin. Also, some pumps are waterproof and others are not. 
> There is a side-by-side pump comparison at <A 
> HREF="http://www.insulinpump.cc/pumpscomparison.htm">
> http://www.insulinpump.cc/pumpscomparison.htm</A>
> Jan and Elvis

I was just thinking that it would be nice to have a "Infusion Set Comparison Page"    Or did I miss it somewhere???       ;>)

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