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Re: [IP] RE: blood

On 29 Jan 2002 at 9:10, email @ redacted wrote:

> Sort of on this topic, I just want to share something that made me laugh the
> other day.  I was testing my blood sugar in my office at work (with two other
> coworkers in my office with me).  I can practically test now with my eyes
> closed, so I had pricked my finger without even looking as I was talking to my
> coworker/friend.  When I pressed my finger to get a drop of blood (still not
> looking), the blood spurted out like a fountain and went everywhere!  This may
> have happened to you guys too--but it just struck me (and my coworkers) as
> hilarious!

It is really hilarious when you have just tried to lance one side of the finger and it has just now opened as you lance the opposite side.  So now you have blood squirting out 
both sides.  My wife saw me do this and thought I had stuck a lancet all the way through the finger!       ;>)

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