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Re: [IP] Re:Does anyone insure their insulin pump?

Call the pump companies and discuss these questions with them and see if 
their warranty would cover it..

email @ redacted wrote:

>My son is 12 years old and has been pumping for about 3 years. I worry that 
>he might somehow break the pump sledding or bike riding etc. You know the 
>normal 12 year old boy stuff. Our health insurance co. will only pay for a 
>new pump every 5 years and our homeowners policy will only cover it if it is 
>stolen or vandalized but not for any of the above mentioned activities. Does 
>anyone else have the pump insured or am I just being an overly concerned 
>parent? We already use a protective case. Also, any parent out there that has 
>dealt with a pumper in the marching band at the competition level? Thanks 
>again for all your suggestions in advance.
>       Alecia
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