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[IP] re:boluses

 here's my 2 cents for you...the square wave lets you stretch a bolus out,
so instead of it giving,let's say 5 units, right now, you can stretch it out
over 30 minutes, 60 minutes, etc. the dual wave is a combination...let's say
you were going to take 10 units total, you can take 6 units "right now" and
the other 4 units can be stretched out, over 30, 60 minutes, etc.  the audio
bolus, i believe, is used with the remote. i don't use it, so i may not be
100% on this.  instead of getting the pump out and pushing buttons, you can
program with the remote, and it will beep for how many units you are taking.
again, others will be more informed than me on this.  it took me awhile to
figure out what the heck bio pulse is, because i could never find a
definition. but my understanding is that it delivers insulin in .1
increments, instead of a faster pace. as an example, a pump with bio pulse
may deliver 10 units over 5 or 6 minutes. a pump without biopulse would do
it in 3.  (and no, i never timed it, this is only an example, before anyone
attacks!) hopefully this will help.

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