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Re: [IP] Boluses

drmarion wrote:
>>Okay, all you experts.  Want to tell me IN ENGLISH what square wave and
wave boluses are.?  >>>

A square wave bolus is the amount of insulin you want, but delivered over a
period of time you want. It varies by 30-min intervals. The dual wave is
when you infuse part of your bolus, the square the rest of it over however
long you want. These features are good for high-fat meals. Also, I use the
square wave often if I'm low and eat breakfast. I do not want to forget to
bolus, but do not want it *up front*. I will program my bolus, but square it
over a half hour and am *safe* knowing I'll have it and not too soon. The
dual wave is good for pizza - take part of the bolus immediately, and square
the rest of it over maybe even a couple of hours. It is kind of a
trial-and-error situation for each individual.

>>>Are there any other kind of "extended bolus" features on
pumps and do all pumps have these features?  >>>

A temporary bolus can be set to mimic this on other pumps. I believe it
would cancel out the *ordinary* bolus, whereas the square would be in
addition. You have to pay attention to what you are doing either way.

>>Is there another feature I
should look for on bolusing?

hmmmm - Don't think so.

>>>  The Paradigm advertises a "slow bolus" (1.5
units per minute).  Is that something new or just another name for an
extended bolus? >>>

It is not new and not another name. It means like when you give a shot, some
*givers* push it in real fast. Sometimes that makes it hurt the receiver
(like ME). Others don't care and want the delivery overwith. YMMV

>>>What the heck is an "audio" bolus?>>>

You can set the pump to *chime* letting you know how many 0.5 units you are
infusing. You can count the chimes and not look at the pump. Some use it,
some don't.

>>>Does any one know what "bioPULSE Delivery" means; this is being
advertised on
the Mini Med paradigm  pump.  It says "precise, accurate and controlled 0.1
unit insulin pulses, equally effetive (clinically equivalent) to three
basal delivery.">>>

Years ago pumps could *run away* with a delivery. I think this is fancy talk
to assure you it is not likely to happen - ever. As I said, it was YEARS
ago. They are just reassuring those who may have heard that *way back when*.

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