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Re: [IP] Boluses

In a message dated 1/29/02 6:36:24 PM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

 Okay, all you experts.  Want to tell me IN ENGLISH what square wave and dual 
 wave boluses are.?  Are there any other kind of "extended bolus" features on 
 pumps and do all pumps have these features?  Is there another feature I 
 should look for on bolusing?    The Paradigm advertises a "slow bolus" (1.5 
 units per minute).  Is that something new or just another name for an 
 extended bolus?
 What the heck is an "audio" bolus? >>

I can only speak to square wave, dual wave and audio boluses. 

In a dual-wave bolus, you can set your MiniMed pump to deliver part of your 
bolus now and the rest to be spread out over a period of time (in half-hour 
units) determined by you. This is good for high-fat foods, such as pizza, 
where you need a little bit of insulin to handle the initial carb "rush," 
then slow the delivery down to handle carb intake that's been delayed by the 

The square-wave bolus is like the second part of the dual-wave -- you can 
program the MM to spread your entire bolus over an extended period of time. 
Again, the time length is set by you, in half-hour increments.

In both cases, the pump screen (at least on the 507C) "walks" you through the 

An audio bolus means that your pump beeps when you program a bolus. You can 
program a MM to do this, so you can give yourself a bolus without looking at 
the pump -- you just press buttons and listen to the beeps. I have mine set 
up to give me half a unit per beep. I think it can be programmed in 
tenth-units, too. You count beeps, press "activate," listen to it beep back 
and, if you got it right, press "activate" again. Then it begins delivery.

Unless Disetronic has added a feature for extended boluses, it doesn't have 
that, but users can mimic an extended bolus by programming a temporary basal 

As far as I know, the Paradigm's "slow bolus" simply means that it doesn't 
squirt your entire bolus into you at once but, instead, delivers one-tenth 
unit at a time. Not, that is not the same as an extended bolus, which spreads 
delivery, at the least, over half an hour.

Jan and Elvis
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