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[IP] RE: Weight gain and the pump

I am SO glad to have this subject come up. I thought I was going nuts by
myself \  I am on Digest mode, so it takes some time for me to get things and

 I am a "vertically challenged"  Mom, who has gained 14 pounds on the pump and
has not lost any of it.  Since there is not alot of places for it to go , I
tend to bloat up in my face first and then other areas. Drives me NUTS!

I have friends who have lost a TON of weight using the Suzanne Summer's thing
where you only eat protien with fats, carbs by themselves, fruit has to be by
itself two hours before a meal....yaddy yaddy yaddy
My concern is that it is ALOT of fat, but abit or NO carbs and I worry about
the effects on my heart and kidneys.  My metabolism is slow and VERY slow in
the winter. Maybe something can speed it up..not ephedra....??
Has anyone had any experience with any of the things above?

~ Arianna ~

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