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[IP] E-mail and CHAT!

Pumpers and Friends,
   Someone at the each of the pump makers does read your e-mail post and chat logs. I talked about a problem with a pump in chat, next day I got a call and had the problem fixed. Then I wrote about lost of contact person for a pump company in e-mail, I got a e-mail back with new person and a phone call to setup chats.
    There is POWER in being a member of Insulin Pumper's for your voice is hear! As a member you can get the help you need, because you can learn about new things, and then go to your doctor and ask the right question, be educated, and learn how to use the your pump and give you back the Power to control your life not have Diabete control it. So until there is a CURE, kept on PUMPING and.......

                         REMEMBER TO SMILE AND BE HAPPY

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