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[IP] Re: Sugar raises on second and third day. HELP!

Sorry, if my english is not very well.
My 7 year old son Michael has been using an insulin pump MiniMed 508 with
Humalog insulin since 3 January 2002. We use Sof-set Micro Infusion Set and
change it every third day at evening, although we changed it after two days
For a first night and day, after change Sof-set,  sugar is excellent (80 - 
mg/dl). Next night and day get worse (100 - 250 mg/dl). On a third day it is
very high (250 - 350 mg/dl) even though his pump appears to be working.
Sometimes we give him 3-5 units insulin without eating and sugar is still the
same. It takes already 3 weeks and nothing changed. I can't accept such a
level sugar. We decided changed infusion set after two days, but on the 
day it isn't also O.K . Why ?

Hi Jarek,
     My little girl had diabetes and uses the pump, she is also 7.  Your 
english is great--I'm sure that many of us here just wish that we could 
communicate in a second language as well as you have done. 
     There are many people on this list who have had problems with the bgs 
going up 24-30 hours after a site change.  This problem has been solved for 
them by mixing in a little bit of Regular insulin in with the Humalog  (I 
think that Regular might be called Soluable in Poland?).  The ratio seems to 
be about 40-50 units of Regular with 260 units of Humalog in a 315 ml size 
cartridge.  Other people who have had trouble with a rapid deterioration of 
sites have tried the new fast acting insulin by Novo-Nordisk called Novolog.  
Some have had great success with this new insulin.  Is it available in 
Poland?  It is not yet here in Canada.  
     There is a lot of information about mixing H and R in the archives of 
this list.  Also, I'm sure that others who have successfully mixed and solved 
their problem can tell you more about it. 
     Good luck and keep at it, as the results are well worth it.  

Barbara, Mum of Claire 7, dx 4/97  pumping 4/01 
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