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[IP] Yeast infections

In a message dated 1/29/02 12:00:18 AM Central Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> No kid'in there thats what got me to go to the doctor and become a d'x 
> diabetic,, was a yeast infection and i'm a guy they checked my blood sugar 
> and it was 527after 8 hour fast (boy was I red faced when I told my doc lol 
> lol)

Yup...guys are definitely not immune to yeast infections...especially when 
our blood sugars are out of control.  Apparently, yeast thrives on the 
glucose.  Since I've been on the pump, I haven't had one.  I usually would 
get a yeast infection after being sick.  My blood sugars would elevate, and I 
understand that certain antibiotics make you more prone to developing yeast.  
I know our pediatrician always warns us to watch our preschool daughter after 
she's been on antibiotics for a week.  She almost always gets a yeast 
infection after being on antibiotics...and she's not diabetic.  
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