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Re: [IP] Sugar raises on second and third day. HELP !

Hi Jarek,

I'm sorry to hear your having trouble.  I have heard that some people have 
trouble with their sets not lasting very long when they use Humalog as it 
tends to clog the sets after a short period of time (even if you don't get a 
NO DELIVERY alarm).  I know some people mix it with another type of fast 
acting insulin so that their sets will last longer.  I don't use that type of 
insulin so maybe someone else here can help you with advise on that.  

Also, do the cannulas (teflon needles) look OK when you take them out of your 
son to change his set?  I don't use the micro infusion sets but if they look 
bent or kinked when removed then perhaps changing to a set with a bigger 
cannula might help.  How does your sons skin look when the sets are removed?  
Does it look OK or red like the site is irritated or infected?  Your son is 
young so perhaps he is slender and using a place on his body with more body 
fat might help in that case.

I hope others will answer your request soon and give some better advise than 
I was able to give.  Don't give up it sounds like this is something that can 
and will be fixed.  There is probably just some adjustments to be made.

Good Luck and Take Care,  
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