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[IP] RE: Eye Allergy

I also have an eye allergy that began two years ago (at first my optometrist 
thought it was an allergy to contacts).  It is called GPC (Giant Papillary 
Conjunctivitis, not the pink eye kind) which is small bumps on your eyelids, 
I have been told I have a mild to moderate case.  I first tried a bunch of 
different drops from my optometrist (optivar, zaditor, patanol, and one 
other), and a few of them provided some temporary relief.  I then went to an 
allergist, for painful allergy testing, where they told me that I am mildly 
allergic to dust mites (which are everywhere).  The allergist then told me 
what to do to minimize dust mites, but couldn't give me eyedrops because the 
optometrist does that.

I have pretty much given up on contacts after trying a few soft kinds.  I do 
have one day disposable contacts that I wear during sports and summer outdoor 
activities.  The irritation of my contacts in my eyes bothers me less during 
the day for some reason.  Also, I like the disposable contacts because if 
they are bothering me, I can just throw them away, and put on my glasses.

For the other people that have this problem, what contacts do you wear? Hard, 
Soft, Gas Permiable, and what brand.  I would like to find contacts that I 
can wear more often!

Kevin Gorman
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