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Re: [IP] Nappers, young and old

> Hi,
> I am just curious about what adjustments you make on the pump for
> nappers.  Is it a long enough sleep to lower basals? 

You can't make an assumption about whether basal requirements will go 
up or down when you sleep. Each person repsonds differently and kids 
needs, in particular, can change pretty dramatically over time as 
they grow, etc... 
> In
> anticipation of the pump, I am testing my toddler all the time and
> she seems to hit her daytime high after nap.  I can't figure out why
> she is so high when she is at about 80 at lunch and in the 200's at
> 3:00.  Is there something I don't know about daytime naps?  

Ask your endo about hormone changes and release for kids during sleep 
periods. There are several of these that can (and do) cause changes 
in basal requirements.

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