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Re:: [IP] Sugar raises on second and third day. HELP !

In a message dated 1/28/02 6:15:25 PM Central Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> On a third day it is
> very high (250 - 350 mg/dl) even though his pump appears to be working.
> Sometimes we give him 3-5 units insulin without eating and sugar is still 
> the
> same. It takes already 3 weeks and nothing changed. I can't accept such a
> level sugar. We decided changed infusion set after two days, but on the 
> second
> day it isn't also O.K . Why ?
> I worry about we'll have to give up and return pump, although we need, we 
> want
> this pump !
I wouldn't find those numbers acceptable and
I wouldn't want to give up on the pump either!
It is possible the cannula is kinking??  Maybe trying a different infusion 
set would help.
I am an adult pumper so hopefully some parents of kids that this has happened 
to will have great advice for you!
don't give up!


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