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Re: [IP] Re:Mix

This line on mixing types of insulin has been going around and I thought I 
better say this   Prio to Joshua (now age 10) started pumping (at 8) he was 
mixing Novolin NPH with Lilly Humalog.  AT first our endo wasn't sure about 
doing it but the military hospital started only carrying Novolin NPH and 
Humalog is only Lilly.  So we were going out in town to get the NPH - Lilly 
brand.  After further research our endo decided that there really can't be 
any harm in mixing the two brands and this was a 7 year old child at the 
time.  We never experienced any bad reactions, flucuations in BGs (other than 
the normal) and now Josh is on the Novolog in his pump.  I can't imagine our 
endo, who is VERY particular about anything we do, feeling safe about mixing 
the two brands after HE researched it!  Hope this helps!

mom to Joshua
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