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Re: [IP] newcomer's ?'s - Capping the QuickSet

<< 1. The QuickSet protective cap - How do you get it to stay on during 
showers?  Mine keeps falling off.  I'm afraid to take a bath because I don't 
know if the bath water is dangerous. >>

Hi Gail,

As Michael said, you really don't need to put the cap on for showers.  I go 
in hot tubs, whatever, without capping it--although when I go to Hawaii this 
summer and am in sand and salt water, I will probably put the cap on (just to 
be nit-picky - LOL).   

If you do want or need to use the cap at some point, you have to put it on 
kind of backwards than what you'd expect.   You know how there's that blue 
arrow on the infusion set?  There's also a clear arrow on the cap--but you do 
NOT line up the arrow on the cap with the blue arrow on your site.  Instead, 
you need to have the arrow on the cap pointing 180 degrees *opposite* of the 
blue arrow--that is, if you were looking at a clock face and the blue arrow 
on your site was at 9 o'clock, you would line up the arrow on the cap with 
the 3 o'clock point on the clock face.  Once you line it up and you have it 
seated, you give a half-twist as usual.  

Did I get you good and confused?   ;-)   

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