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[IP] Sugar raises on second and third day. HELP !

Sorry, if my english is not very well.
My 7 year old son Michael has been using an insulin pump MiniMed 508 with
Humalog insulin since 3 January 2002. We use Sof-set Micro Infusion Set and
change it every third day at evening, although we changed it after two days
For a first night and day, after change Sof-set,  sugar is excellent (80 - 150
mg/dl). Next night and day get worse (100 - 250 mg/dl). On a third day it is
very high (250 - 350 mg/dl) even though his pump appears to be working.
Sometimes we give him 3-5 units insulin without eating and sugar is still the
same. It takes already 3 weeks and nothing changed. I can't accept such a
level sugar. We decided changed infusion set after two days, but on the second
day it isn't also O.K . Why ?

I worry about we'll have to give up and return pump, although we need, we want
this pump !
What we are doing wrong ?

Please, HELP us !

Jarek Kalinowski
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