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Re: [IP] bruising, intimacy while pumping

>IS.  If 
> *you* feel sexy, regardless of externals, your partner will see you as sexy.  
> I wear the QuickSet infusion sets, and when you disconnect from it,
> you have a small round disk in place that doesn't look much
> different than wearing one of those round bandaids.  The disk
> doesn't have a "tail" attached and is very low profile.  Really, it
> is such a tiny thing.  And I know I'm sexy--with or without it.

Just a guy's observation of the behavior of other guys.....
I haven't noticed any shortage of young men chasing after my 
daughter, pump or no pump. I know she runs around half naked at the 
beach on her various escapades -- including a trip last night with 
friends  (a car load) to Pacific Beach. She used to be jail bait, now 
that she's 18 I guess it just bait! If I were you, I really wouldn't 
worry about a teeny little infusion set turning someone off. If they 
are that shallow, you don't want to know them anyway.

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