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[IP] Kashi Cereal

Hey George,
I tried Kashi cereal and it made my b.g. go sky high and filled me up too
much.  Dr. has me on stomach pills now to see if it helps with gastreo...so
we shall see...

Besides, I like adding fruit to my cereal, it sweetens it naturally and I
get a fruit exchange from our pyramid that we are supposed to eat!  I also
carry around mini boxes of raisings and munch on them when I start to feel a
little low...keeps me going.

What do you mean you don't like milk w/your carbs???  I got a way for you to
like it.....first you take a glass and fill it at least half way with ice
cold skim milk and then you get a few oreos and then you dunk them in the
milk and eat them!!!  And follow with swigs of the cold milk!!!  Nothing in
the world like it!!!  :) :) :)

Kathy B.
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