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[IP] bruising, intimacy while pumping

<< You talked about the bruising on your thighs, etc.  I can really relate to 
that.  Not only do I have bruises on my arms and legs, but my arms and thighs 
are huge, due to all of the dead scar tissue.  It's really embarassing to put 
a bathing suit on, or wear a sleeveless shirt in the summer.

I'm also concerned about what I'm going to do when we go swimming, which is 
usually everyday in the summer, and when we go hotubbing, which is almost 
every night. How can you feel sexy and romantic knowing that you have this 
"thing" hanging out of your stomach.  >>


This may help you make the switch to pumping:  The bruising stopped when I 
switched from MDI to the pump.  For some reason I bruise more with injections 
than with the infusion sets.  I've been pumping for 4 months and have NO 
bruises from it.  None.

As far as feeling sexy and romantic, I've heard it said that the most 
important sexual organ is the brain.  In other words, what you think, IS.  If 
*you* feel sexy, regardless of externals, your partner will see you as sexy.  
I wear the QuickSet infusion sets, and when you disconnect from it, you have 
a small round disk in place that doesn't look much different than wearing one 
of those round bandaids.  The disk doesn't have a "tail" attached and is very 
low profile.  Really, it is such a tiny thing.  And I know I'm sexy--with or 
without it.  The work to be done is in your own head, not in someone else's 
view of it, IMO.  I saw Heather Mills (Paul McCartney's fiancee) on 
television this morning; she is an amputee.  She said it's all about 
confidence.  If you are confident and sure of yourself, no one else will have 
a problem.  I totally agree.

As far as swimming or hot tubbing, no big deal.  I disconnect before hot 
tubbing (I'm concerned the high heat might not be good for the insulin in the 
tubing) as well as before swimming.  If you're going to be off the pump for 
more than an hour, you just need to give the basal rate for that hour before 
you disconnect.  It's easy, really.

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