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Re: [IP] injecting in stomach (Cindi)

> You talked about the bruising on your thighs, etc.  I
> can really relate to that. 
> I'm also concerned about what I'm going to do when we
> go swimming, which is usually everyday in the summer,
> and when we go hotubbing, which is almost every night.
>  How can you feel sexy and romantic knowing that you
> have this "thing" hanging out of your stomach. 

First of all, the infusion set rarely leaves a bruise, that only 
happens when you bleed under the skin. 99% of the time there is a 
tiny little pinprick sized dot where the set was inserted. There are 
no more nasty bruises. Second, depending one which set you choose 
(some need more tape than others), the set is practically invisible 
and is hidden by clothes. My 18yo daughter switched exclusively to 
Sil/Tender/Comforts a couple of years ago because they are hidden 
when she wears her bikini -- yep, it's pretty teeny. She swims, 
hot-tubs, etc...  The new sets introduced over the last year or so 
all have footprints similar to the Sil/T/C so there are now many 

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