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[IP] Surgery-Temporary change to e-mail status request

Dear Administrator on Duty:

I need for you to change my e-mail status for now.  I will still want access 
to the archives but do not want to have the regular or even the digest form 
of the list for maybe a week.  I am to have major abdominal surgery at 9 am 
at Barnes Hospital tomorrow and per the insurance company be in the hospital 
two over nights.  Both of my Doctors think I will be there three or four 
days.  In about a week when I am up and about I will let you know to again 
set me up with the regular form of mail.  

Could you please privately let me know what Volume and number of the digest 
version you are currently on so in 10 days or so, when I would want to see 
what has happened in the past week I'll know where to start with the 

For all that know me and those that don't I am a bit scared.  This will be 
the first time since 1979 I have been put out completely for surgery.  I have 
had 2 c-sections, laser surgery on my left eye, and 6 times I have had 
surgery on my hands (carpal tunnels and trigger finger releases) but I was 
always awake.  Please say a prayer for me and if you are not the praying 
type, please keep me in your thoughts.  E-mail me privately if you want to 
wish me well since I might miss it through the Pumpers list.  My family is so 
stressed out, my youngest accidently got on the wrong bus to come home on 
Friday from school and while I am in my girlfriends driveway talking to my 
husband about what I was fixing for supper and picking him up, I told Bob, 
"Darn I forgot my car phone.  I sure hope I left it on the counter at home 
rather than any of four stores I have stopped at today.  Well, I will see you 
when you get home."  I then turned off the phone, put it in the pocket where 
it belongs on my purse and said to myself.  "Boy am I stressed out, can't 
find the phone because I am talking on it!"  Yes, I need some prayers and 
well wishes.

Cee Dee
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