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Re: [IP] Losing Weight

> I was wanting to seek some advice on losing weight.  I know, I know--eat less
> and exercise more, but I work full-time and I take care of the baby and the
> house all evening.

Actually, you should eat more often. There is no miracle to losing weight
quickly (other than medical procedures to reduce the size of you stomach).
You need to stimulate your metabolism. Try eating 5-6 smaller meals per
day. Cut down the portions are you should be fine. Don't forget to drink
LOTS of water as well, that will help things along.

I don't know if I'm anyone you should be listening to, since I'm not
overweight and never have been, but I do lead quite a busy life. I *stay
thin* by limiting the ammount of junk food I eat. NO ONE is perfect, junk
food now and then won't balloon, don't worry. I also drink, on average,
about 3 liters of water/day. I exercise 4-6 days out of the week (martial
arts). I find if you find an athletic hobby, you'll WANT to excercie.

> Any diabetese-safe lose-weight-quick schemes? It seems like when I eat, I do
> make poor choices, but I can't seem to lay off the junk in the evening.

I highly discourage ANYONE looking for a lose-weight-quick scheme. They
aren't healthy, only give short term results, and just compound the
problem. No one gets overweight quick, I wouldn't expect you to get thin
quick either...

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