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[IP] questions for pumpers - .05 basal

SNIP <3. One of the pumps, apparently the Animas, measures in .05 units.  Is
for basal and bolus?  DOES ANYBODY have good enough control that they can see
a difference of .05 units.  I know someone posted they love that .05 feature,
but how could you tell?>

I am 44 yr old (no it is not just the kids who need low basals) - 120 lbs -
5ft 4in female - the .05 basal made the world of difference for me.  I was
originally on the animas before the .05.  I use very small basals but very
large bolus amounts - (type "weird").   Anyway - I had my basal set for .10
from 7 pm to 1 am and still always went low between 9 and midnight.  (still
always needed a snack).  The best I could do was to "TRY" to remember to turn
the pump off from 8 to 10:00 every night and then I would not go low but that
defeated the purpose of setting the basals and then "forgetting" about your
diabetes.  When the new software was put into the pump which made .05 basals
available I tried this and have had great results since so the "small"
difference between .10 and .05 basals is really a "large" difference in some
people.  I now have my basal at .05 from 7 pm to midnight and run perfectly
between 85 and 110 during these hours with no snack, etc.

SNIP<4. How often do you have to change basals as your child grows?>
 <You still have to do a fasting test to see if a problem is from basal or
bolus, do you not?>

Once again even adults will need to change basals from time to time.  I have
very strong dawn phen. For the last year my basals were set correctly and for
dawn phen I used .60 at 2 am; and at 3 am I went to .65 which lasted until 8
am; and then back down to .2 which was working great for me to wake up with
good morning numbers.  Then for the last couple months I was always waking up
high.  I retested many times during the nights/mornings again and changed my
basals by just .05 and 30 minutes here and there and now am waking up with
readings between 100 and 130 again.  My new basals for during the night are
just a "little" different but make a huge difference.  I found I needed to get
just a little bit more head start on my dawn phen and my new numbers are:
midnight .25 until 2 am; at  2 am left at .60; at 2:30 switched to .65; at
3:am switched to .70 which lasts until 8 am; then at 8 am back down to .2;
then at 10 am down to .10 until 7 pm when I go clear down to .05 until
midnight.  This has worked good for me now for the last two weeks.  Nothing in
my life really changed in the last few months, no weight change, etc. so I
guess just a change in "body metabolism" which is unexplainable but the
re-tesing of basals was worth the change it made.  If you can wake up with
good numbers you sure feel better the rest of the day.

Good luck with your choice of pump - YMMV.

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