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[IP] Priming

I also have the Animas R1000 pump.  I disconnect for baths in the evening and
just let my pump run - usually about 15 minutes.  My basal is set at .05 per
hour during this time so not much insulin running thru the tubing.  When I am
ready to reconnect I push the "prime" button for about 2 to 3 seconds - just
long enough to see a full drip come out of the end of the tubing.  This would
only be "wasting" one drop of insulin and assures you of not having any air
space at all when reconnecting.  If your basal is set at a higher rate when
disconnecting you should not have to prime at all because the insulin would be
flowing fast enough to keep pushing itself out the end of the tubing whether
you are connected or not.  (If your basal is high enough and you are
disconnected for long enough you would notice drips of insulin on the surface
where you have set your pump)  Watch for the insulin "drip" closely when you
prime to see it come out of the end of the tubing - you do not need to wait
until it is actually "dripping out enough to make things wet" from the end of
the tubing; just a drip from the tubing into the end of the set is
Also - if you "suspend" it should always want a prime to make sure there is
sufficient insuline in the tubing; you should not need to suspend for a
disconnect for a shower - just set the pump somewhere and let it continue to
run normally - then it will not "ask" for a prime.

<  I have been using the Animas R-1000>
<December I have
disconnected when I shower, and, when I go to re-connect, I have had to
prime the infusion set. This uses a lot of insulin, and was becomming a
     <   I first put the pump on suspend, and then disconnect. This
morning,  I re-connected the pump to the infusion set and then resumed
delivery without priming first, and there was no message that I had lost
prime. I remember the first few times it always asked for a prime when I
reconnected. >
Mike Nolan
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