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[IP] injecting into stomach

Hi Cindy:
As far as injecting into stomach goes, I was never able to inject period!!!
I found something called Inject Ease which helped me tons!

Now that I am on the pump, we have an inserter (I have a Minimed) and you
just click that and it goes into wherever you want to insert.  There is no
pain, I don't watch when it goes in and it doesn't make my stomach sick!  I
also don't look when I pull the needle out...that makes me sick!  I just
hold down on both sides and pull straight out until it's out!

Seems even after 35 yrs of being diab., I can't see a needle stuck inside of
me or watch it go in, just one of those things.

As far as sex goes, sometimes I leave it on and other times I take it

Hope this helps.
Kathy B.
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