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[IP] Re: Mix

> Brian said:
> Rule of thumb is never mix 2 insulins if they are not
> made by the same company.
When Claire was on injections, the NPH (Lilly) just didn't seem to work and 
she had stinging with the shots.  The doctor (don't know if he was an Endo or 
not--this was in the UK and we saw a different doctor at the diabetes clinic 
every time) told me to go ahead and try the Novo-Nordisk brand instead, to 
see if it would make any difference.  It didn't.  But I mixed her morning 
shot of Lilly's Regular and Novo-Nordisk NPH together for quite awhile, then 
went back to the Lilly.  
     I think the manufacturers will tell you what insulins can be mixed and 
which shouldn't be.  Though nothing beats trying it yourself and really 
finding out what effect it has on you.  
Barbara, Mum of Claire 7
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