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[IP] Re: Priming

When you disconnect your pump, the insulin is often sucked back up into the 
tubing a bit.  At least this is what happens with us--H-tron and Quick-sets.  
The sales rep showing me the Animas pump mentioned to me the importance of 
this.  (She had already sold us the H-tron, Claire had used it for 3 weeks, 
and was offering us an Animas at no additional cost if we wanted).
     So Claire always does a bolus of one unit after being disconnected, just 
to make sure that the insulin is right there at the end. 
Barbara, Mum of Claire 7 

> Mary is on the same pump...when she showers she disconnects at the site but 
> does not suspend...she has never had to  prime when she reconnects....just 
> hooks back up.......hmmmmmm
> Beverly
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