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Re: [IP] injecting in stomach (Cindi)

Hi Leeann:

Thanks for the encouragement.  My boyfriend is really
the one who is pushing me to starting pumping.  He is
for it 100%.  He says he doesn't care what it looks
like, if it makes me feel better and live longer, he's
for it 100%.

You talked about the bruising on your thighs, etc.  I
can really relate to that.  Not only do I have bruises
on my arms and legs, but my arms and thighs are huge,
due to all of the dead scar tissue.  It's really
embarassing to put a bathing suit on, or wear a
sleeveless shirt in the summer.

I'm also concerned about what I'm going to do when we
go swimming, which is usually everyday in the summer,
and when we go hotubbing, which is almost every night.
 How can you feel sexy and romantic knowing that you
have this "thing" hanging out of your stomach.  I know
that I must sound really vain, but really I'm not. 
I've just had a few stupid men that when they found
out about my diabetes and the problems that go along
with it, they didn't want to deal with it and were
gone, and they didn't even have to see me take a shot
or anything.

I'm sorry if I sound like I'm whining, but I'm really
scared/worried about making this change.  I've been
taking shots for 34 years.

Anyway......thanks for listening and the advice.  I
really appreciate it.  I hope to talk to you again
soon.  Maybe, I'll be pumping by then.


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