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Re: [IP] [Fwd: Priming?]

I too leave my disetronic pump in run mode while disconnected for
showering...but I am noticing a problem with air bubbles when I reconnect,
has anyone else noticed this?  I have only been using the pump for 20 days,
and maybe I'm doing something wrong.  I tried bolusing 1 unit before
re-connecting as someone else on the list mentioned, but I am still getting
air bubbles.  I usually notice them about an hour or so after re-connecting
(I usually forget to check until then)....and they are not small (a couple
of inches long).  I'm on quite small basal rates so this could be a lot of
insulin for me.  I end up having to dis-connect and prime them out...seems
like I'm wasting a lot of insulin.  Anyone have any suggestions?

> I use a disetronic - so the priming feature may be quite different - but I
> remember during my training that the CDE said to leave the pump in run so
> that there was no back up of insulin in the tubing - that the amount of
> insulin that would be pushed out would be minimal and would provent having
> reprime or anything.
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