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Re: [IP] Aspartame/Equal/ et al

On 27 Jan 2002 at 20:42, Sasha wrote:

>     Hi everyone I just came across some websites all about Equal and
> aspartame poisoning has anyone had anything like this?
> Alexandra
> > ************************************

Yes, but then I got a brain transplant and now everything seems OK.  Just joshing with you, as this is a topic that comes up on this list and many other diabetic lists from 
time to time.  My understanding is that it comes from "scientific" investigation that does NOT comply with true scientific standards.  

In other words, it is a ploy, it is a scam, it is all drivel written by a Betty Martini to sell her book!   Or because she has become a paranoid schizophrenic due to Aspartame 
poisoning.  Best advice I have is to read "Kiss my Aspartame" which is an article courtesy of Urban Legends!


George       :>)
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