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[IP] injecting in stomach (Cindi)

Hi Cindi,

I *completely* understand your apprehension at injecting in the stomach.  I 
avoided it for 15-20 years!  What finally got me to try my abdomen was the 
bruising I always had on my legs (my preferred site)--I got so tired of 
people asking me what was wrong/what had happened.  If I bruise on my tummy 
or butt, no one sees it except my boyfriend and it doesn't seem to bother 
him.   ;-)

So, for me, it was cosmetic reasons that got me to switch.  Although I had to 
*really* screw up my courage to do it the first time, I was amazed at how it 
didn't hurt.  At all--unlike my other sites, which were overused and usually 

Like everything in life, no one can do it for you.  If you want to do this, 
if you really want to be healthy, YOU will need to make the decision and do 
what you need to do to get over your fears.  That's unfortunate, but true.  
*However*, I do think that if you're that scared, it might help to have your 
boyfriend with you to hold your hand the first time you inject--or maybe when 
you are learning about the pump, if he's willing to come along.

You can do this.  Life isn't fair, and it isn't fair that *any * of us have 
to do the things we do to survive each day.  But I am convinced that once you 
turn the corner, you'll be glad you did.

take care,
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