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Re: [IP] Re: Infusion sets in stomach area (Cindi)

At 04:36 PM 1/27/02, you wrote:
>Thanks for the info.  It's taken me about three years
>to get this far.  I have an appointment with the
>doctor on March 4, to start getting prepared to start
>pumping.  I have to be honest with you, I don't know
>any other way of life, except constant finger sticks,
>3-5 shots a day, highs, lows, infections, etc.  A life
>with diabetes is the only life I can remember.  I am
>40 years old and have had diabetes for 34 years.
>According to my parents, I wasn't supposed to live
>this long!
>Anyway......thanks again for the info and
>encouragement.  I hope to talk to you later.
>Until then........Cindi

Cindi, there's quit a few of us here who have lived with diabetes for a 
long time.  For me it will be 39 years in July.  I remember the days before 
finger sticking became the norm (remember peeing in a cup? ;o) ).   I'm  50 
now, dx'd at 11, and my sister is 46, dx'd at 4.  So there's lots of us 
"long-termers" out there.  I barely remember life without diabetes, I can 
remember when I was first dx'd, but I have little memory of what life was 
like without it.   I do want to say, though, that pumping has changed my 
life with diabetes for the better.  I lived constantly by the clock before, 
eating at certain times, etc.  Pumping has given me the freedom I haven't 
seen for almost 39 years.  I even encouraged my sister to get a pump, and 
she did.  Keep an open mind on pumping and don't get too scared about using 
your "tummy" for the infusion sets.  I nearly passed out one time when I 
tried to give myself a shot there.  ;o)  If you choose an infusion set that 
has an inserter, you might find it easier.  Good luck.  :o)

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