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Hi, All!! I have had Type I diabetes for 1 year and have been on the pump for 2 weeks.  I am an optometrist.  I just wanted to answer a few questions that have been posted recently.  No, insulin allergies will not show up in your eyes.  Usually only environmental allergens will cause a reaction in the eyes, dust, pollen, cats, dogs, etc.  The "bumps" that he/she is talking about usually occur to a reaction to the contact lens material, deposits on the lenses, or the solutions (when you wear contacts).  In your daughter's case, it is probably environmental.  Daily contact lenses (ones you throw away every day) or 2 week disposable contacts are great for allergy patients!  It does not mean that she can not wear contacts at all.  Secondly, an optometrist is definately the doctor you want to see for a contact lens problem.  Ophthalmologists specialize in surgery and very rarely deal with contact lens or refractive issues.  Optometrists are extensively trained to diagnose and fol!
low ANY problem related to diabete
s, including retinopathy and refractive changes.  They know when it is time to refer to an opthalmologist for surgery.  It is a common misconception.  Usually optometrists will spend a great deal more time addressing the problems you are having.  I know I allot 45 minutes for every full exam.  Thanks and Happy Pumping.  Maria
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