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[IP] Re: Cindi/relationships & pump

cindi writes:
  I finally found a guy who
 loves me, just the way I am. He has been encouraging
 me to start pumping.  He said that if it made me feel
 better and live longer, he was all for it.  He doesn't
 care what it looks like.  We have talked about
 marriage, so I know he's serious.  <snip>
 ...how does
 having a tube sticking out of your stomach and
 attached to a device affect your sex life?  I just
 don't want anything to change about our relationship,
 because it's perfect now.
 Hi Cindi,

Terrific that you've found such an encouraging person! Pumps and 
relationships: you'll feel better, less lows, more energy, more flexibility, 
and that will help you be a better partner in every way. On having the device 
attached: I'm in a new, wonderful, supportive relationship myself. The pump 
usually gets disconnected and hides under the pillow, leaving only a little 
tape/plastic thingy about silverdollar size on my tummy or hip (sils or 
quicksets are littler and more invisible than sof-sets) which just isn't a 
big deal, and I bolus when reconnecting to make up the difference. Or I can 
leave it connected (if I've been high or bouncing around that day I sometimes 
will) and it's just next to me out of the way.  Beats trying to deal with 
highs and lows at bedtime, right? When I was selfconscious at first (and I 
was! even tried going back to MDI for a week or so, with reactions at all the 
wrong times) my new partner said "We love the pump. It makes you feel better. 
Leave it on." Lucky to find people like that!

Water: swimming, take pump off and bolus afterward to cover the difference, 
or not if exercising hard. Long hot tubs or baths, leave it on and prop on 
edge if you want.

Tummy: You can get used to this!! Go visit someone in your area who's a pump 
user and watch them do a site change. Imagine it over and over till it's not 
scary. Get someone to sit with you and hold your hand and TRY a tummy shot or 
two till you're less scared. It's worth it to be able to pump!

Best of luck to you with your partner, and with your pump if you go for it

Laura G.
38 yrs old, 22 yrs diabetic, pump 3 yrs
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