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Re: [IP] [Fwd: Priming?]

<< Since December I have disconnected when I shower, and, when I go to 
re-connect, I have had to prime the infusion set. This uses a lot of insulin, 
and was becomming a concern.  I first put the pump on suspend, and then 
disconnect. This morning,  I re-connected the pump to the infusion set and 
then resumed delivery without priming first, and there was no message that I 
had lost prime. I remember the first few times it always asked for a prime 
when I reconnected. Since then I have done it automatically before I 
reconnected. Have I been screwing up and wasting insulin? Maybe one of these 
days I'll completely figure this thing out<g>, but until then, inquiring 
minds want to know. >>

Hi Mike,

I use a MM 508 and I *never* prime when I reconnect.  No problems thus far (4 
months of pumping).

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