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Re: [IP] Questions for Pumpers

In a message dated 1/27/02 11:09:34 AM Central Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> 3. One of the pumps, apparently the Animas, measures in .05 units.  Is that 
> for basal and bolus?  DOES ANYBODY have good enough control that they can 
> see 
> a difference of .05 units.  That is, does anyone control the meal size, 
> glycemic index of the foods in the meal, activity and etc., enough to see 
> that the .05 is significant?
> I know someone posted they love that .05 feature, but how could you tell?

Yes, we use the .05 feature all the time for basals.....much better 
numbers...not available on Animas for bolus.....and yes, I measure food very 

> 4. How often do you have to change basals as your child grows?  Do you 
> really 
> have a set of guidelines that tell you that the basal is the problem and 
> not 
> the bolus? Do you periodically do fasting tests in the different time slots 
> (the book mentions four time slots involving skipping different 
> meals/snacks)?  The pump literature says that it is much easier with One 
> insulin  in the pump and not a basal and meal insulin to tell what is 
> effecting b.g.  But how is that the case?  You still have to do a fasting 
> test to see if a problem is from basal or bolus, do you not?
My daughter and I find everything much easier on the pump but this is still 
diabetes.....the pump is not a cure but a very significant tool for a more 
normal lifestyle and better control...but you must do fasting profiles and 
make changes for the growing body, hormones etc.......for instance...low? you 
can stop theinsulin if you choose (yes, i have read some think it doesn't 
help but it has helped us)....ketones? raise the basal and give a bolus if 
necessary......we are finishing up with the flu.....more insulin needed, not 
more shots...much easier.......the pump is a big commitment but, for us, it 
is worth it....

Beverly, Mom to Mary, 8, dx'd 9/97, pumping, and Nick, who is now nine!
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