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[IP] Hospital Visit - EXCELLENT!

Having heard so many hospital horror stories I thought I should post
something good -

Last week I had a cardiac cath. (everything turned out okay but the doc said
he was concerned when I finally showed up for a follow-up visit 5 years
after my last one). I thought I might be having chest tightness and passed
most of the preliminary tests with flying colors - I did that 5 years ago
also when I had a 95% blockage so that wasn't as reassuring as it could be.
I'm the one whose brother was on life support in the Hamilton, Ontario burn
hospital so I was under a lot of stress when this all started.

Anyway, on to the hospital story. They called for my admitting information
the day before and asked if I understood my insulin regimen for that day. I
told them I was on the pump, they looked further into their information and
saw it was noted. They then asked if I wanted to bring my own bg meter for
testing since I probably based my corrections based on my meter and
different meters would have similar, but not the same, results. Wow, was I
impressed. The staff at the cath. lab were equally supported. They let me do
my own testing, verified the one correction bolus I needed, were not
hesitant about providing food after the procedure . . I couldn't believe how
easy everything went. BTW this was not a large hospital, not a small
hospital, but just right. Okay, I couldn't resist that last part. So, if you
ever need hospital work done, I'd suggest Waukesha Memorial in Waukesha,
Wisconsin, just outside Milwaukee. Absolutely great staff!
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