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Re: [IP] [Fwd: Priming?]

In a message dated 1/27/02 9:07:00 AM Central Standard Time, email @ redacted 

>         I first put the pump on suspend, and then disconnect. This
> morning,  I re-connected the pump to the infusion set and then resumed
> delivery without priming first, and there was no message that I had lost
> prime. I remember the first few times it always asked for a prime when I
> reconnected. Since then I have done it automatically before I
> reconnected. Have I been screwing up and wasting insulin? Maybe one of
> these days I'll completely figure this thing out<g>, but until then,
> inquiring minds want to know.

Mary is on the same pump...when she showers she disconnects at the site but 
does not suspend...she has never had to  prime when she reconnects....just 
hooks back up.......hmmmmmm
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